Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RACV Approved Dealers in Melbourne

Hi I'm Donald Smith. So I'm from Canberra in NSW. I was looking for a second hand 4 wheel drive. Mercedes or Ford Territory and I looked on the net and saw this one on the internet. And I sent an email thru and got a response I think that evening from Jeff. What gave the dealership a lot of credibility was the RACV accredited. So that gave me confidence that they will do the right thing. Because to be RACV accredited, it tells you a lot. When you're going to buy something over the phone basically. I talked to him, we emailed and we found out in a couple of times. Ralph sent thru the inspection report and it was all clear. There's a couple of little things that have been fixed so I put it into their workshop and have it fixed up for me. The car looks in good nick. Had an RACV report done on it which cost me 40 or 50 dollars I think or something like 30 dollars, I can't remember what it was. And everything came up very goon on that. and I said everything was good and ready to go. And then I said, yeah the car looks good I said to Ralph and then he called again. Can you hold it for me? He said, "you'll pay deposit". And I said, okay here's the credit card. He said, we'll take 500 dollars. I said, that's fine. I said I won't be able to get down there for a week because it's a certain 8 hours drive and I had other things to do. If you can keep it for me, I'll come down next Tuesday. And I'll fly to Sydney on the weekend and I'll fly down from Sydney to Melbourne catch a cab over and drive it back to Canberra. And so Ralph took the 500 dollar deposit on my credit card and I've come down here. Having the car looks good. Everything I expected. Sort of bit concern on my mind but they might have been something that you don't see on the photos on the net or you're not telling about. But there haven't been any problems. I've taken it for a test drive and I have to drive it back to Canberra.


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