Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cheap racv approved dealers racv warranty Call us now at 03 9752 2799

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Phone: 03 9752 2799
Address: 1100 Burwood Highway Ferntree Gully 3156 Victoria
Fax: 03 9752 2965
Email: sales@melbourne4wdandcommercials.com

Jeff: Hi, I'm Jeff from JZ in Ferntree Gully Melbourne.  How are you?  Thank you very much for the inquiry you've just made.  If it's during business hours, we'll be in touch very shortly.  If it's outside business hours -- the hell are with these flies, they're terrible today.  Sorry, if it's outside business hours, we'll be in touch tomorrow morning.
 We're an RACV Greenlight approved dealer and what that means is that all our vehicles come with an RACV inspection report for yourself and also a one year RACV warranty which is Australia-wide.  We've also initiated a 7-day exchange program.  If you're not happy with the vehicle that you've purchased from us for any reason, within seven days, speak to myself personally and we'll work out an exchange and do another one of our vehicles.
 In the meantime, go to our website and you can have a look at the online valuation if you've got a trade-in, online finance application if finance is an option you wish to pursue.  We've also got some video testimonials from previous clients and also freight options if you live outside Melbourne or if you're in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, we freight vehicles all over Australia.  Thanks again for your time and look forward to meeting you personally.  Thank you.

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